General Questions

Q: Do JAS Engineering keep stock?
A: JAS Engineering do not keep stock as there are too many variations. Each order received is made to order, uniquely for the customer that ordered it.
Q: Do I get a receipt for goods purchased?
A: You will receive a sales acknowledgement of payment made and a VAT invoice will be e-mailed to you or your accounts department once the products have left JAS Engineering.
Q: What are JAS Engineering opening hours?
A: We are open Monday to Friday 8am – 5pm (excluding bank holidays) and closed Saturday and Sunday.
Q: Does JAS Engineering have a brochure?
A: Yes, we have an electronic version which you can downloaded from our website, or simply call us on 01457 833181. Alternatively email us at sales@jaseng.co.uk. We have an unbranded version too, which you can send directly to your customer with your own contact details and logo on the back.

Specification Questions

Q: What size of steel section is used on the medium duty workbenches?
A: 38 x 38mm and 25 x 50mm hollow section.
Q: What size of steel section is used on the heavy and extra heavy duty workbenches?
A: 50 x 50 x 5mm angle steel.
Q: Do the workbenches have levelling feet?
A1: The medium duty workbenches have all metal levelling feet with approximately 20mm of adjustment on each leg.

A2: The heavy and super heavy duty workbenches do not have levelling feet as standard but if this is required please ask and we will offer an extra price for supplying with all metal levelling feet.
Q: Do workbenches come with vice plates?
A1: Not on the medium duty workbenches as it is unusual to use a vice with particular workbench.
A2: Yes on all heavy and super heavy duty workbenches as standard. It is located in the steel frame on the front right hand side when looking at the front of the workbench. On request it can be located on the left hand side at no extra cost.
A3: The vice plate measures 230mm x 110mm x 3mm. 
Q: Do all standard steel cupboards and drawers come with a lockable door/drawer?
A: All cupboards come with ‘cam’ type locking knob that clicks in position. The locking knob has a hole to allow the fitting of a padlock so cupboard/drawer can be fully locked. JAS Engineering do not currently supply padlocks.
Q; What are the sizes of the louvre and tool panels?
A1: The louvre panels are 445mm high x 456mm wide. There are 8 locations points from top to bottom and 6 across the width.

A2: The tool panels are 438mm high x 456mm wide. There are 12 square holes from top to bottom and 12 across the width. Each hole is 10 x 10mm square.
Q: What do you require with a fluorescent light fitting?
A: You will require a light rail based on the length of the bench.
Q: What is the rear lip on the heavy and super heavy duty workbenches?
A: It is a 40mm tall piece of galvanised steel at the back of the workbench to prevent stuff falling off the back of the workbench. If it's not required it can be left off at no extra cost, but must be noted on the order.
Q: If JAS Engineering supply a vice does it come with the bolts to attach to the workbench?
A: Yes. Please note for transport purposes vices are not fitted to the workbench but the holes are drilled in the worktop so the vice can be fitted following delivery. The vice is normally located in a cupboard or tied to the shelf.
Q: What are the dimensions of the upper shelf?
A: The dimensions of the upper shelf is the length of the workbench x 300mm deep and is located 300mm above the worktop.
Q: I / or my customer wants to carry out welding work on a steel top workbench, is it possible to have a non-galvanised top?
A: Yes. JAS Engineering standard galvanised tops are made from 2mm galvanised steel sheet but if we are advised that the steel top will be used for welding, we fit a 3mm black steel top for the same price. We do of course need to be advised on the order.
Q: What is the gap between the bottom shelf and worktop on the mobile workbenches?
A: The gap between the bottom shelf and worktop is 610mm.

Technical Section

Q: Will my workbench support powered machinery?
A: JAS Engineering workbenches can be used to support machinery assuming it is within the UDL weight limit of the workbench. Please note the vibration of machines sometimes make it necessary, depending on the weight of the machine and the amount of vibration, to reduce the specified UDL of a workbench. Powered machinery must not be used on a steel topped only workbench. All powered machinery must only be located either on a 45mm solid wood worktop or a steel worktop on top of 45mm solid wood. If in doubt please contact us.

Colour Questions

Q: What is the standard colour?
A: it is blue (RAL 5010) unless otherwise advised on an order.
Q: Do JAS Engineering do other colours than blue?
A: Other standard colours available at no extra cost are: Dark Grey (RAL7016), Red (RAL3000), Silver (RAL9006), Yellow (BS08E51), White (RAL9003), Black (RAL9005), Light Grey (BS00A05) and Green (BS14C39)
Q: Are other colours available?
A: Yes, but you or your customer will incur an extra charge. Please confirm the colour and we will look at the cost.
Q: What is the standard colour on the cabinets?
A: The standard colour is dark grey. However this can be changed to one of the standard colours we offer at no extra cost.
Q: Why is my new cupboard/drawer a different colour from the last one I ordered?
A: The standard colour of our medium duty cupboards, drawers and units was changed in July 2016.

Dimension Questions

Q: What is the standard height of the workbenches?
A: The standard height is 840mm apart from the packing workbenches were the standard height is 900mm.
Q: Can standard height be varied?
A: Yes for a small charge of £25.00 + VAT. If you require special heights, please check with us on 01457 833181.
Q: Are alternate workbench dimensions available?
A: Yes but can add to the price so please contact us on 01457 833181.
Q: What is the overall height of the standard light rail?
A: The standard height is 2100mm from the bottom of the workbench (floor) to the top of the light rail.
Q: When I order a specific size of workbench how exact will it be to dimensions?
A1: The main dimensions of length x depth x height can have a tolerance of up to plus or minus 5mm.

A2: Wood / wood steel top heavy duty benches, the tops have an overhang of 10mm on all 4 sides. So if you placed an order for 2000mm long x 750mm deep the finished size would be approximately 2020mm x 770mm.

Delivery Questions

Q: What is the carriage cost?
  • Dispatch values over £150 are carriage paid to most UK mainland destinations. Typical exceptions are highland, islands and inner London areas.
  • Dispatch values over £150 to highland and island areas will have a minimum additional carriage contribution of £50.00 + VAT per item dispatched.
  • Dispatch values over £150 in inner London areas will have an additional carriage contribution of £25.00 + VAT
  • Dispatch value below £150 will usually have a minimum carriage charge of £17.50 per item dispatched.
  • JAS Engineering will never make an addition carriage charge without having included it on an order acknowledgment.
Q: Can you give me an estimated delivery time?
A: All of JAS Engineering products are delivered using external couriers, so we could only give you a potential day. However if you or your customer want a call from the local courier on the day, please request a ‘book service’ when placing your order and JAS Engineering will arrange for you or your customer to receive a call regarding the delivery.
Q: Can I request a delivery time?
A: It is currently not possible to set a specific delivery time. However if there is an issue please speak with JAS Engineering. It is possible with third party carriers to ask their local depot to contact you or your customer and try and arrange an AM or PM delivery on a day to suit.
Q: Do you deliver at weekends?
A: No, deliveries only take place between Monday – Friday (excluding bank holidays)
Q: Do you deliver outside of the UK or a non-UK mainland address?
A: Yes, delivery costs will be worked out on an individual basis.
Q: Can JAS Engineering deliver my order to a different address from the one listed on my invoice?
A: Yes, please let JAS Engineering know at the time of order and if possible provide a contact name and number for the person who will be taking delivery of the product(s).
Q: How long does it take to deliver a workbench?
A: Our target is within 10 working days from receipt of order but please note this can vary depending on the current volume of orders.
Q: Are there any restrictions on a delivery?
No, but be aware of the following:
A1: Typically your order will be delivered on a vehicle with a single driver.
A2: The courier companies will not carry orders upstairs or use a lift.
A3: Deliveries are a ‘kerb side’ delivery, which means the driver is not authorised to carry our products up or down steps or through a building.
A4: The driver will not remove packaging or take it away.

Loading Questions

Q: What is the load capacity of the static workbenches?
A1: The medium duty workbenches will support a 500kg UDL (uniformly distributed load)
A2: The heavy duty workbenches will support a 1000kg UDL (uniformly distributed load)
A3: The super heavy duty workbenches will support a 1500kg UDL (uniformly distributed load)
A4: The packing workbenches will support a 500kg UDL (uniformly distributed load)
Q: Is 450kg the maximum carrying capacity on mobile workbenches and tool trolleys?
A: The standard castors fitted are a set of two swivel braked and two swivel castors that carry a maximum load of 450kg. If however a heavier carrying capacity is required, please speak with JAS Engineering as heavier duty castors can be offered once we know the specific requirement.

Pricing Questions

Q: Do JAS Engineering prices include VAT?
A: No. VAT is charged in addition to prices shown at the prevailing rate at the time of order.

How Do I Place an Order?

Q: Can I order over the telephone?
A: Yes, simply call JAS Engineering on 01457 833181. Our friendly staff will be able to help and advise you on any particular questions or if you are unsure about what you want to order.
Q: Can I order by sending an email?
A: If you prefer to order via email, simply email sales@jaseng.co.uk. We target ourselves to answer emails within 24 hours of the initial request.

Payment Methods

Q: Can I pay by card?
A: Yes, debit card or credit card payments are welcome. We currently don’t charge for using a credit card.
Q: Can I have a proforma invoice?
A: Yes, there are a number of ways to request a proforma invoice. Simply select ‘Proforma Invoice' for your preferred payment method at the checkout or email sales@jaseng.co.uk. Alternatively call us on 01457 833181.
Q: Can I open a credit account?
A1: We offer a credit account facility to businesses who have a good credit history. Please call for more details on 01457 833181 or email sales@jaseng.co.uk If there's something you'd like to ask that isn't covered here, please email us at sales@jaseng.co.uk or call us on 01457 833 181
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